Bootstrapped startups and the shit I learn in therapy

Right now everything feels... glum.

Whatever you're working on, it's not going as well as it could be. Trouble is, you just don't know what to do.

Everyone you follow seems to be effortlessly gliding through the hurdles that throw you for endless loops. But you keep getting stuck. And your team members clearly think you're useless.

  • That finance podcast is telling you to save more money, or make more money, or ideally both.
  • The audiobook is telling you to outsource everything.
  • The docu-series you're watching on Netflix is making it clear you need to step up your cooking game.
  • After reading that blog post it's OBVIOUS your organization system is in shambles.
  • The ecourse you just took has you all in a tizzy, but man it seems so much easier when they do it.
  • Your newest YouTube binge has you questioning whether you're on the right path AT ALL or if you should just quit it all and travel?!
  • And by the way! When's the last time you did anything good for anybody else? How little are you donating?? Do you even care about the world around you at all?!



Turn off twitter, put away the screen, get outside and move.

Pick up a book, a physical book, and none of that non-fiction, self-flagellation, hustle porn, Tim Ferris bullshit. A fantasy novel full of dashing heroics and dark magic with a sprinkle of humor mixed in.

When your dog starts grumbling at you don't ignore him and flip the page, he's 13 years old and he's earned some belly rubs dammit.

Take him outside - no podcasts, no music, just walk. Breathe. Feel the wind.

Go the gym if you feel up to it and sweat your ass off. If you don't, no big, it'll still be there tomorrow.

Shoot pool with a friend or crack a beer, nibble on some cheese and poor your thoughts into a blog post.

Stop worrying about all of the numbers - the twitter followers, and newsletter subscribers, and Roth IRA balances. Just... chill.

Take a walk.


Be happy about the little things.

Remember that none of this shit matters, we're all just in a big simulation inside of Elon's brain.

It's all okay friend.

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