Jack of all trades, master of pun

I used to be a programmer.

Now I run an agency where I help non-technical founders build tech companies.

Clients love me:

"Andrew is a pompous penny pinching hipster with funny socks." -former NSA analyst

In my spare time, I send out a weekly email with 5 articles to help you grow your startup and organize talks with successful founders.

I'm not a morning person.

But I did once spent two nights on an island with no food.

Different island

I love to...

🍳 Cook for friends

📚 Read a good fantasy novel

🏕 Hike for miles with a heavy pack

📺 Watch goofy comedies

📸 Take photos of people & places

🐶 Spend time with my dog (his name is Duck 🦆)

👨‍💻 Build companies

I'm learning to love...

🏋️‍♂️ Lifting weights with friends

📝 Writing

⛵ Sailing

🧘‍♂️️ Meditating

I am obnoxiously opinionated, but most of my opinions are loosely held. At the moment I passionately believe that...

  • Balance is the key to life.
  • We have a responsibility to lift up those around us.
  • All of the Harry Potter movies after the second are garbage (the books are incredible).
  • Great management is the only way to build great companies.
  • Macaroni & cheese should be made with elbow noodles.
  • People are mostly good.
  • Cities need to stop trying to be the next Silicon Valley.
  • You don't have to be technical to build a great tech company.
  • Dark mode is overrated.

To learn more of my story, you can find a list of interviews and guest posts here.

This site is my personal playground.

I feel more fulfilled when I'm regularly creating and sharing the things I create with people. This site should help me do that.

I have no strategy for it, no marketing plan. I am optimizing for personal fulfillment rather than profits. Although that too, may change in the future. Strategy, marketing and profits can all be fun.