Bootstrapped startups and the shit I learn in therapy


Small Efforts - The podcast I co-host with Sean Sun, founder of Miscreants. We talk regularly about the process of building our agencies. [June 2021 - Present]

Warrior Mindset Podcast - A Walk to Simplicity: Insights from the Camino de Santiago [Mar 2024]

Wild Business Growth - My journey from aspiring teacher to designing and developing apps for non-technical founders [Jan 2020]

Starter Story - How I Started A $69K/Month Software Agency After A Failed Product Launch [Dec 2019]

Sales for Founders - Turning a struggling startup into a $50k+/month agency [Nov 2019]

Live in the Feast - Burnout, pivoting, and creating a company people want to work for [Jan 2019]

The Write Stuff - Writing and running Startup Watching [Dec 2018]

The Consulting Pipeline - Positioning Krit to work with startups outside the major hubs [Oct 2018]

The Fireside Podcast - A rambling chat with Steven Pulver and Daniel Levine, the founders of the Fireside Conference [Jun 2018]

Tech Life - Digital design & development [Jun 2018]

Guest posts

Atrium - How Founders Can Be Great Designers (with no experience)

Baremetrics - How to handle equity at your startup

Hacker Noon - How we improved our engineering estimates by 1082%

The Startup - Validating your idea BEFORE you build anything

Demio - 5 Strategies to Increase Conversions with Better Onboarding

Entrepreneur's Handbook - If You’re Going to Test Your Business Idea Make Sure You Do It Right.


Lambda School - How to freelance [Dec 2018]

Code Apprentice - How an idea becomes an app [Nov 2018]

Lambda School - The terrible, horrible, very bad, no good job interview [Oct 2018]

Startup Weekend Charleston - How to build your MVP in 48 hours [Sept 2018]

1MC Charleston - How we started Krit [Aug 2017]

SyntaxCon - You're not a special snowflake: How to get started with Ember.js [June 2017]

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