Bootstrapped startups and the shit I learn in therapy

My junior year of college I spent 4 months living in Glasgow, Scotland. I didn't do a ton of traveling within the country, but I absolutely fell in love.

One of the people I met described Glasgow as, "a wee bit stabby." But everyone I came across was incredibly warm and friendly. From the couple who shared their home-brewed beer with me and plaid pool on my first night. To the grad students who welcomed me into their class.

I don't think I saw the sun for the first two months I was there. But you appreciate the sun so much more when it's out. And when it does shine, everything is the most vibrant shade of green.

Here are a few photos from my travels, shot on 35mm black and white film.

Puffins on the Trishnish Isles
My little sister Abby
Riding the ferry to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull
Abby atop King Arthur's seat
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