Bootstrapped startups and the shit I learn in therapy

For the past 6 months I've struggled with anxiety. It started with a panic attack in January. I've learned to cope in a few ways:

  1. Exercise - one of the greatest antidotes there is
  2. Time with people I love - I'm an extrovert, I need to be around people or I get stuck in a funk.
  3. Creation

That 3rd one is the one I'm really working on. I'm a big consumer and always have been. I read a ton of articles every week, go down YouTube rabbit holes on the reg, binge watch TV shows, dig through the latest indie Rom Coms, and browse Twitter until my mind goes numb.

I love to read, learn, and absorb. But I've found to really feel fulfilled I need to create. Writing is one form of creation that I'm learning to love (I HATED to write as a kid, but I think part of that was having to handwrite things).

But my first love was photography.

Writing helps you organize your thoughts, express yourself, and teach others. But photography helps you see the world around you in a different way.

From a technical perspective the things that make a great photograph aren't famous people or stunning vistas. Great photographs are made with lighting and composition. A good photographer intentionally composes a photo to draw the viewer in. They use lines, contrast, shapes and colors to captivate you. The subject really doesn't matter.

Learning to be a good photographer isn't about learning to use a camera, it's about learning to see. Great photographers, like all great artists, look at the world and see lines, shapes, light and colors. They learn to frame and compose a shot to evoke an emotion. They learn to create beauty from a dirty street corner and some evening light, or a cloudy day and puddles of water.

If all of us looked at the world like artists, we might find it harder to be pessimistic. How can you be in a bad mood when you're surrounded by beauty?

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